Somewhere in the deep recesses of Kolvaskaya...

Yuri has just received his weekly bread ration. Sergei - ever the prick - struts up to Yuri, gets right up in Yuri's face. Yuri can smell the cheap tobacco.

He seems to be looking for trouble and there's only one way to settle it ...

There it is! Please enjoy, maybe leave a comment (we'd love to hear your feedback!).

Links to downloadable versions (Windows/Mac) coming soon. Brought to you by Clockwork Kraken (

Press space to switch between menu items and enter to select!


  • Player 1: a- and d- keys to balance each leg, the s-key to throw your bottle.
  • Player 2: left and right arrow-keys to balance, the down-key to throw your bottle.
  • Press the escape key to exit!

Windows version added! Go HERE if the itch download doesn't work for whatever reason.


Alex Zaranek (@AquaKrunk)

Oscar Zaranek (@OmegaOzone)

Sean Wikant ( :placeholder_text: )

Zeeshan Shahid (@Zaeche_)

Install instructions

The game should work out of the box, with little to no set up. Please, feel free to leave a comment: we'd love to hear your feedback!

Brought you by Clockwork Kraken (


Squat 18 MB

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